Why Do You Need a Power Bi Consultant?

Microsoft Power Bi Consulting

Power BI is the business intelligence service provided by Microsoft, a cloud-based analytical tool available on Microsoft’s Power Platform. Often compared to Excel (though entirely different in approach as well as in terms of the features and interfaces available), the Power BI tool provides lots of great and useful capabilities, including data warehousing and the option to create and publish spectacular charts and the dashboard is considered to be intuitive and easy to use, but even so, a Power BI consultant can help you in many ways, at least in the beginning, when you have just started using the service and you need to work your way through set-ups and features. Here is how your consultant will be able to assist you.

First of All, What Does a Power BI Consultant Do?

A Power BI consultant is a person who has extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of business intelligence services in general and Power BI and the associated services in particular. The role of Power BI consultant is look at your business data, to analyze the data and to provide weekly, monthly, semi-annual or annual reports while also providing suggestions that you can use to improve your business success.

What Can a Power BI Consultant Do for Your Business?

One of the most important tasks of a Power BI consultant is to collect all the data relevant for the analysis and to store all that data in an easily retrievable way. Business data can be stored in many places on your servers and using many different sources and formats, including SQL, API, JSON or CSV. Your consultant will make sure that the sources that are compatible with Microsoft Power BI are connected directly and also that the sources that are not compatible get treated the right way to ensure compatibility.

Your Microsoft Power Bi Consulting professional will also help you select the services that you need. The Power BI ecosystem consists of a wide range of components, including a desktop application, an online, software as service product, mobile apps, an embedded API to build dashboards and reports, a server service for companies who cannot or would not use cloud-based applications as well as a marketplace for custom visual components. While some companies might need all these services, most firms need a customized selection of the available components – a task that Microsoft Power Bi Consulting services can handle efficiently.

Another task for BI consultants is to take your business data and to provide a meaningful synthesis of the data in the form of easy to understand and attractive charts. Your Power BI consultant will also help you publish curated and approved reports that will automatically refresh existing reports in your system and will make sure that your reports are shared with other concerned parties within your organization.

Handling the dashboard and the user interface is another task that your Power BI consultant can help you. Your specialist can make sure that your dashboard is displayed flawlessly on mobile devices as well, that you can easily switch between vertical and horizontal viewing.