Why Do You Need a Power Bi Consultant?

Microsoft Power Bi Consulting

Power BI is the business intelligence service provided by Microsoft, a cloud-based analytical tool available on Microsoft’s Power Platform. Often compared to Excel (though entirely different in approach as well as in terms of the features and interfaces available), the Power BI tool provides lots of great and useful capabilities, including data warehousing and the option to create and publish spectacular charts and the dashboard is considered to be intuitive and easy to use, but even so, a Power BI consultant can help you in many ways, at least in the beginning, when you have just started using the service and you need to work your way through set-ups and features. Here is how your consultant will be able to assist you.

First of All, What Does a Power BI Consultant Do?

A Power BI consultant is a person who has extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of business intelligence services in general and Power BI and the associated services in particular. The role of Power BI consultant is look at your business data, to analyze the data and to provide weekly, monthly, semi-annual or annual reports while also providing suggestions that you can use to improve your business success.

What Can a Power BI Consultant Do for Your Business?

One of the most important tasks of a Power BI consultant is to collect all the data relevant for the analysis and to store all that data in an easily retrievable way. Business data can be stored in many places on your servers and using many different sources and formats, including SQL, API, JSON or CSV. Your consultant will make sure that the sources that are compatible with Microsoft Power BI are connected directly and also that the sources that are not compatible get treated the right way to ensure compatibility.

Your Microsoft Power Bi Consulting professional will also help you select the services that you need. The Power BI ecosystem consists of a wide range of components, including a desktop application, an online, software as service product, mobile apps, an embedded API to build dashboards and reports, a server service for companies who cannot or would not use cloud-based applications as well as a marketplace for custom visual components. While some companies might need all these services, most firms need a customized selection of the available components – a task that Microsoft Power Bi Consulting services can handle efficiently.

Another task for BI consultants is to take your business data and to provide a meaningful synthesis of the data in the form of easy to understand and attractive charts. Your Power BI consultant will also help you publish curated and approved reports that will automatically refresh existing reports in your system and will make sure that your reports are shared with other concerned parties within your organization.

Handling the dashboard and the user interface is another task that your Power BI consultant can help you. Your specialist can make sure that your dashboard is displayed flawlessly on mobile devices as well, that you can easily switch between vertical and horizontal viewing.


Tips To Make Understanding Medicare Easier

Medicare Advantage Denver

Most people working as employees do not give their medical insurance too much thought until retirement, they just accept the plans provided by their employers. However, around retirement or when approaching the age of 65, most people are faced with important decisions related to their Medicare coverage – decisions that might feel overwhelming. The Medicare system is notoriously difficult to understand, which means that the best selection of plans and components can only be made after some serious research and after achieving a thorough understanding of the terms used in the related materials. To make the process easier for you, here are some tips from Medicare Advantage Denver experts.

Eligibility Conditions

The first thing to understand and a very important aspect is eligibility. Medicare is available for anyone aged 65, including not only citizens, but also people who have been legal residents in the USA for at least 5 years. Younger people can also benefit from Medicare provided that they have qualified for Social Security disability for at least 24 months on end.

What Medicare Includes

The national health insurance program called Original Medicare consists of four parts:

  • Part A is the hospital coverage that pays for the first 90 days of treatment in a hospital or in a nursing facility as well as for treatment in a hospice facility. Part A pays some of the costs related to hospital treatment even after the first 90 days, but the amount that the beneficiary will have to pay out of pocket will start increasing;
  • Part B is the component that offers coverage for outpatient services, such as visits to the offices of health care providers and the professional administration of certain prescription drugs;
  • Part D is coverage for self-administered prescription drugs. The beneficiary receives a pharmacy card that will give the beneficiary discounts on prescription medication;
  • Part C, also called Medicare Advantage, is an alternative to the previous three types of coverage available from private health insurance companies. This type of coverage also offers certain additional benefits over Original Medicare Parts A, B and D, such as an upper limit on the out-of-pocket expense to be supported by the patient.

People eligible for Original Medicare Part A, B and D can also extend their coverage opting for a Medicare Supplement enrollment, plans available from private insurers that provide help to cover the amount payable by the beneficiary after having used the Original Medicare coverage.

Understanding the Costs

The people eligible for Medicare usually have to cover certain costs out of their pocket. Part A is usually free for people who have worked for at least 10 years in the US or who have a spouse who has worked for that amount of time. The amount that you will be required to pay for Part B depends on your income. The beneficiaries who have higher income will pay more, the amount being calculated through the income adjustment process.

The costs of Part D are somewhat more difficult to calculate. The premiums related to the component will depend on the beneficiary’s level of income as well as on the type of Part D chosen – currently, there are over twenty different Part D plans available.

What Are the Differences Between Outsourced Human Resources and Internal HR Departments?

Outsource human resources

A lot of companies these days prefer to outsource HR tasks rather than set up their own internal human resources department to take care of them. Having your own HR department can be great, but it requires hiring specialized employees who can handle the job of catering to each and every one of your workers. When you decide to expand your company and hire more employees, then your internal HR department can easily become overwhelmed.

Making the decision to outsource human resources can not only take the load off of your own employees, but also ensure that you get a more scalable solution to your HR problem. Should you decide to expand your business of 20 employees and hire an additional 30, you won’t have to worry that your HR department can’t handle the extra workload. Moreover, a lot of HR companies also provide benefits worthy of a large and professional PEO – such as tax and payroll processing services. That will further help you avoid hiring additional experts that you’d need to pay a high salary to.

Under these circumstances, it’s hard to argue against the idea of outsourcing HR. But did you know that you can also pick and choose your HR company according to the industry you operate in and the specific services you require? A lot of human resources service providers have upped the game in what is now a far more competitive industry than what it used to look like. So you can simply talk to the company and decide the extent to which you want them to help you and the specific types of services you would like their assistance with.

A good example is that you can meet with a prospective HR firm you’d like to work with, and they can present you with unique services they may be able to assist with. These can include organizational improvement to speed up your work, training and professional development, services that help improve employee relations and morale in the workplace, recommendations and consultation services for work safety and much more.

In contrast, having your own HR department is an inflexible solution that doesn’t enable you to deal with changing industry trends and standards, and may lead you to fall behind on policies you need to adopt to ensure your employees are treated fairly and that your company is able to thrive and survive in an increasingly competitive market.

Ultimately, what really drives home the idea behind outsourcing HR activities is the accuracy and reliability of HR companies when it comes to dealing with employee complaints. These experts can really ensure that your employees remain satisfied and that they’re not likely to leave and join your competition. You won’t have to worry about delays in addressing complaints or about communication issues between the company and its various employees.

The best HR firms will enhance the way your business works and genuinely help you keep your employees satisfied. That will put your firm at the top of the food chain and also lead to a significant improvement when it comes to your business’ image and reputation.

Can You Get Any Type of Loan from A Credit Union?

Credit unions are special types of financial institutions that are owned by and pay dividend to their members, and that share many similarities with banks, such as the provision of loans. Credit union loans are usually very good options to consider – the loan lending conditions available with credit unions are usually much more convenient that the loan conditions offered by banks. Here are some things to know about how credit unions and their loans work.

Some Credit Union Basics

Credit unions and banks are similar in many ways – they are both financial institutions, they both provide similar products and services, such as deposit accounts, loans, mobile banking and access to cash through ATMs.

Despite the similarities, there are many important differences between the two types of organizations. One of the most important differences is the profit status of the two types of institutions. While banks are privately owned or publicly traded and the principal goal of their activities is to generate profit, credit unions are organizations owned by their members and have a not-for-profit status, which means that all the profits they make are distributed to their members in the form of dividends.

Another important difference between the two types of institutions is the conditions that come with loans. The loans offered by credit unions are usually much more favorable in terms of interest rates and repayment conditions than the products offered by banks.

Parker credit union


The Types of Loans Available from Credit Unions

Most credit unions, including a local Parker credit union, offer a wide range of loans, the types being the same as the loan types available from banks. Here are some:

  • Credit cards – the credit lines offered with the credit cards issued by unions work the same way as the lines offered by banks;
  • Secured and unsecured personal loans – the loans that are or are not backed by a collateral are also available from credit union;
  • Mortgages – credit unions offer loans used by the borrowers to purchase property and secured against the property purchased;
  • Auto loans;
  • Home equity lines of credit – credit unions also offer credit lines secured against a home’s equity (the market value of a homeowner’s interest in their property).

Who Can Borrow Money from a Credit Union

Credit unions are financial institutions provide loans only to their registered members. To be allowed to join, aspiring members need to share the union’s “common bond” – the feature that is common to all members, such as membership in the same community, employment with the same employer, working in the same profession. The registration process is usually simple, requiring only a copy of some type of proof of identity, such as a passport or a driving license, and a proof of address, such as the copy of a utility bill issued on the name of the person who wants to register. Many credit unions also offer children’s account, case in which the requirements include a copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport and the proof of ID and address for the guardian or parent.

Are Recruitment Firms Worth the Cost?

Recruitment firms have a well-defined role in the labor market. Some companies use their services to find the right employees, while others work with recruitment agencies do to the undeniable benefits they can take advantage of. But many employers are still not sure what exactly should they expect when contacting a recruitment agency.

Many people assume that it is expensive to turn to a recruitment agency. But is this true?

In fact, it depends on what you understand by “expensive”. A professional recruitment firm does not compromise on quality, so the costs behind the recruitment process are real and necessary. When you advertize your job offer on various sites, you pay for it. After that, you have to consider the administrative costs that come after browsing resumes, initial conversations etc. – these take a long time, and time means money. If you also add to these costs the lack of a guarantee related taking the recruitment process in your own hands, the cost-effectiveness of hiring a recruitment agency is obvious! In addition, you should also consider the other services that such an agency can offer you, such as solutions for staff retention, solutions to increase the competitiveness of the job offer, additional evaluation tests and more.

Given that the labor market experiences a crisis of specialists, and companies end up fighting for the same candidates, any advantage in the field of recruitment deserves to be carefully weighed. A recruitment agency can be such an advantage in recruitment and there are many advantages to working with one.

recruitment services

How do companies come to the conclusion that they need recruitment services and how do they find the right recruitment model for their needs?

Companies that analyze their needs and resources first ask themselves these two questions:

  • Are there people in the HR Department experienced enough to meet all recruitment needs?
  • Does the company need a staff infusion quickly, or can the HR Department prepare a long-term recruitment strategy?

If the answer to both questions is that there are no people in the Human Resources Department ready to quickly recruit a large number of good employees, the best solution is to hire a recruitment agency.

From this collaboration, it is expected that your company gets  at least three important benefits:

  1. Quality candidates
  2. Valuable knowledge in the targeted field
  3. Recruitment speed

Another cost-effective benefit of hiring a recruitment firm is that you can focus on other goals while recruiting. When you need to devote staff time and effort to recruiting and selecting the right staff, you will not have too much time to focus on other activities that are equally important for the development of your business. On the other hand, when you assign this task to a recruitment firm, it will discover the right employees for your company, while you pay attention to growing your business. Time is the most valuable assets of an entrepreneur, which is why choosing a recruitment company is the right thing to do.


How To Hire A Real Estate Agent

If you do a Google search, you will undoubtedly find many of real estate agents in your city/ area. But how can you be sure which one to select? How do you know how to choose the one who will really work in your best interest?

Useful advice

  1. Meet real estate agents while they do fieldwork

A good real estate agent spends very little time in the office and a lot of time out, meeting with people who want to buy, sell or rent a property.


  • Make sure that the real estate agent has at least a few years experience and a consistent portfolio of clients that he/ she helped buying or selling their homes. You want to collaborate with an agent who is willing to take that extra step, to demonstrate a higher degree of involvement than most real estate agents, to always bear your interest in mind and to help you sell/ buy/rent at the best possible price.
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Search online for top rated agents in your area.

If a friend or relative has worked in the past with an agent and was satisfied with their collaboration, there is a high probability that the services of that agent will be advantageous for you as well.

2. Make sure you hire a real estate agent who in accustomed with the technology

Nowadays, having a laptop and a mobile phone with internet connection is vital. This way, a real estate agent can offer you the most suitable options for your needs, regardless of whether he is at the office or does fieldwork. In 2020, there is no reason why a professional in the real estate business would not be able to communicate using emails and various mobile applications, in order to make easy and quick contact with their clients.

3. Talk to more than one real estate agent

Although some agents seem to be ok, you should be aware that many will try to embellish reality, so be careful about those who try to present you things in a better light than they actually are, instead of exposing the details in realistic terms. Talk to different agents and compare their way of approaching things.

4. Observe the signs that denote that the real estate agent is popular, but not too busy

A hard working person, with many clients on their list is likely a good agent. However, an agent can work efficiently with about 5 buyers and 5 sellers at once, to be able to focus on each of them properly.

5. Make sure the agent is well acquainted with their field of activity.

Ask your agent any questions you need and expect no less than clear and complete answers

6. Do a little market research

A reputable real estate agent maintains working relations with other agents in his area and they collaborate in order to obtain a solution that is most advantageous for their clients.

7. Ask the agent to show you some testimonials of people who hired them over time

8. Ask the real estate agent you want to hire if they can recommend other specialists/ contractors (such as  to help you with notary deeds, repairs to be done at home and other such things.


How Competitive Is The Clinical Counselor Job Market?

Did You Know The Level of Competition In Social Work Jobs Denver

The term clinical psychology was first used in the beginning of the 20th century and was placed alongside medicine, education and sociology. From this perspective, the clinical psychologist’s work involves aspects of education, treatment and interpersonal issues. At present, defining clinical psychology is a great challenge because this area has witnessed significant increases in a wide variety of directions. As a group, contemporary psychologists accomplish many different things, considering different goals for various people.

The field of clinical psychology integrates science, practice and theory to understand, anticipate and improve discomfort and disability, and promote adaptation and personal development. Clinical psychology focuses on the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social and behavioral aspects of lifelong human functioning at all socioeconomic levels and in different cultures. Clinical psychology involves thorough research and practice to understand and improve the many psychological aspects of human experience, including but not limited to problems of intellect, emotion or behavior.

How does the psychologist differ from the psychological counselor?

First, a psychologist differs from a counselor in terms of the characteristics of the clients with whom they work with. Psychologists generally treat individuals with pathological problems while counselors work and “advise” less disturbed clients to optimize their self-knowledge and personal development and/ or to promote healthy habits, to prevent and resolve emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems. However, these two areas have many similarities, both psychologists and psychological counselors being licensed in psychology.

Compared to counselors, psychologists treat a more severely disturbed population, and accordingly tend to work in hospitals, psychiatric wards, clinics and individual clinics. On the other hand, psychological counselors work rather in counseling centers.  Also, there may be some differences in their theoretical orientation: both areas approach an eclectic orientation, but psychologists are rather behaviorist, while counselors opt for a humanist approach, centered on the client.

Aspects related to the current clinical counselor job market

These days, insurance companies must cover mental health treatment, therefore therapy services have become increasingly accessible and also less stigmatized. Policies currently protect much more people than before and there are new centers and clinical mental health counseling positions created all over the country. Statistics show that the states with the highest employment levels of counselors include California, Virginia and New York.

To become a licensed clinical counselor or to obtain one of the social work jobs Denver area, one must get a master’s degree and state license; voluntary certifications are also important, such as Master Addictions Counselor, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor or the National Certified Counselor.

The clinical counselor job market is quite competitive these days, with the number of clinical mental health specialists expected to grow in the next decade, with about 20%. It is also estimated that 25% of these positions will be created in family and individual services.

Licensed clinical counselors typically work in outpatient mental health centers, but some work in hospitals (public or private), addiction centers, residential behavioral facilities, college campuses and even government-run health offices. Some of them also start their own private practices, gathering their own client base. Clinical counseling jobs are full-time and often include weekends, to fit clients’ schedules.

Selling Timeshares – Not as Easy as a Walk on Your Beach, but Not Impossible Either

Not Easy To Sell Timeshare

Selling timeshares is something that most timeshare owners consider difficult and lengthy, that’s why many of them decide to keep their contracts and to pay the related fees even when they no longer use the property that makes the object of the contract. If you are faced with a similar situation, you must know that there is a way out – here are some of the best ways to sell your timeshare.

Read Your Contract and Review the Related Documents

Any selling process starts with the identification of the good to be sold. Read your contract very carefully and make sure you understand every detail of it – pay attention to the type of property right that you have bought (right to use and deeded are the two main types) and to the costs that the ownership of those rights involve. Find all the documents related to the contract, such as tax documents and the receipts that prove you have paid the required maintenance fees as well.

Tell People You Know about Your Intention to Sell

Use word-of-mouth advertising first. Tell everyone you know, especially people who know people, such as your lawyer or your tax expert, about your intention to sell your timeshare – you might find someone interested in buying into the property. You can also try to contact the owners that you share the property with – the people who use the vacation home right before or after your fixed period might want to spend more time there and might be interested in buying your rights.

List Your Property

There are many different types of websites that you can use to list your timeshare property:

  • Real estate websites that sell standard properties – their focus might be with family homes or residential apartments, but most of them accept timeshare listings as well;
  • Specialized websites – there are companies that sell exclusively timeshares, so using their websites to list your property might be a great idea because these companies can reach out to your target segment more directly;
  • Auction and retail websites – they also have special sections for buying and selling timeshares, but make sure you understand the selling and the bidding process before you publish your ad;
  • Classified ads – you can use your local newspaper, possibly one that has an online version as well to make sure your ad reaches to as many people as possible or you can join a timeshare owners club and benefit of the advertising possibilities offered by your club as a service for the members.

Contact Your Initial Seller

Very few people know that many timeshare developers have re-purchase programs as well. Timeshare contracts include a clause that stipulates a grace period during which the seller must take the property back if the buyer changes his mind, but many companies are willing to help their buyers even after the grace period has expired. If the cancellation option does not apply in your case, it still doesn’t hurt to ask your seller whether they are interested in buying back your timeshare.


How Do I Find a Bail Bondsman That Offers Reliable Support?

Reliable Support

Finding a bail bonds Denver office is no easy feat. If a friend or family member has been arrested, you might be pressed for time to get them out on bail as soon as possible, and that can place a lot of pressure on you to find a suitable bail bondsman. In most cases, you will have to be prepared for the complexities of the financial aspect associated with bail bonds, and it can be difficult to find a trusted bail bondsman who will have your best interest at heart.


Understanding the Bail Bond Process


Before you consider trying to find a suitable bail bondsman, it’s important to think about the bail bond process itself and what it might entail. The first thing you have to understand is that the bail bondsman essentially completes a contract with the government, offering a down payment for the bail that acts as assurance that the defendant will show up in court. So, if the bail is $50,000, the bondsman will provide $5,000 (for example), often in cash, to ensure that there are no doubts about your presence.


The bondsman will offer that amount in exchange for a flat fee that you will provide. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bondsman will be expected to pay the full amount, so the bondsman and the defendant will have to have a strong agreement drafted well in advance.


Where to Start Searching


The bottom line is that, when you look for a bail bondsman, you are essentially searching for someone who will support your case. But how do I find a bail bondsman who is willing to do that, and where do I start looking?


The ideal approach is to start your search online. Look for local listings and forums where bondsmen and their bonds are depicted. Also, make sure you check specific bail bondsman databases in your local area – which can also be found on the internet.


Your legal representative should also be able to provide you with a reference. Attorneys are well aware of the necessity for bail bondsmen, and they can quickly help you resolve the problem while ensuring that you don’t have to cover any exaggerated payments in the process.


Regardless of the source, it’s important to screen the bondsman and do at least a quick background check to make sure that their service is legitimate. You can then proceed to confirm the bondsman’s credentials and license, and compare them with other bail bondsmen in your city or area.


Comparing Fees and Reading Contracts


You can compare the fees and terms proposed by the bondsmen that your attorney suggests with offers you find online to make sure you have the best and most trustworthy bail bondsman in the area.


To make certain that the offer is legitimate and that there’s nothing shady going on, make sure you thoroughly read the terms of the contract and have the attorney take a look at them as well. This is especially important if the bail amount is high and the bondsman asks for security in the form of real estate or other personal belongings – in which case the issue can become quite complicated.

Is Divorce Mediation a Good Option? 5 Important Reasons Why It Works

Is divorce mediation a good option for us? This is one of the main questions that a lot of couples tend to ask. If you’re interested in learning more about divorce mediation and what it can do for you, following are five important reasons why you might want to consider it prior to filing for a divorce.

3d people mediator

  1. A Peaceful Resolution

Mediation has been around for a long time – more precisely, since the era of the Ancient Greeks. Its major advantage, when applied to a divorce, is that it offers a more peaceful resolution when compared to litigation and hiring a divorce attorney right off the bat. When you are willing to sit down and talk, you’ll find that an experienced mediator can help you, your spouse and your kids a lot more when it comes to establishing how resources will be distributed and how a win-win settlement can be reached.

  1. A Better Outcome for Your Kids

Instead of having your kids have to listen to you and your spouse argue in what can become somewhat of a never ending struggle – or worse, having them dragged through court – you can achieve a lot more through mediation without ruining their psyche. If you value your children’s emotional well-being, divorce mediation is the best approach to learning how to present the divorce to your kids and how to listen to their concerns and complaints with compassion, understanding and a willingness to help.

  1. A Cost-Effective Solution

Is divorce mediation a good option for your finances? You might think that paying a lawyer to get everything settled as quickly as possible might help you end your emotional strife sooner. However, that option comes with huge costs, and can leave you, your kids and your spouse emotionally scarred – especially if it leads to litigation. Denver divorce mediation is not only a more elegant option, but a more affordable one as well. The costs of even the friendliest attorney-assisted divorce can be between $20,000 and several hundred thousand dollars. In contrast, the cost of mediation will only be around $5,000 to $9,000.

  1. A Faster Resolution

You might think that a divorce attorney moves fast, and it’s true, some of the best divorce lawyers can help you reach a settlement in record time. However, mediation, by nature, is even faster. Instead of having to wait for months for the next court date, and live with heightened anxiety during that period, you can set your own time frame for the mediation process. This in turn will help you get everything sorted out without unnecessary stress or delays.

  1. Greater Flexibility

Did you know that there are options for ending your marriage you never even thought possible? Because divorce attorneys usually have the interest of settling the matter without getting too deeply involved into your life and relationship problems, they usually won’t be able to see those possibilities. However, with the help of a reliable and experienced mediator, you’ll be made aware of points that most lawyers will not be willing or able to make, due to strategic disadvantages. In many cases, however, knowing all the facets of the problem can help you make a more informed and better decision regarding the outcome of your divorce settlement.