How to Choose the Right Litigation Attorney for Your Case

Just like a visit to the dentist, litigation is often a “necessary evil.” It takes time, it affects your business, it interrupts your personal life … So, you have to find someone who can help you, Choosing the right Denver civil attorney for your case is very important because this professional gives you the legal advice you need and represents you, every step of the way.

Despite stereotypes, lawyers are as diverse as any group of people. Each lawyer has a different approach, level of knowledge and experience. In this context, how can you determine who is the best attorney for you?

While there are no guarantees (and if a lawyer tells you otherwise, you should start looking for another one!), here are some questions you can ask a potential Denver civil attorney you want to work with, to determine the compatibility between you.

Denver civil attorney

Question 1: Why should I hire you?

You need a lawyer that you feel comfortable talking to, who has the necessary knowledge and skills to represent your best interests. Although lawyers approach this challenge in many different ways, in general, it all comes down to one thing: to help you solve the problem in the most efficient way, in terms of time and cost. This is especially true in litigations, where the emotional cost often exceeds the financial cost.

Question 2: How good – from a legal point of view – is my case, and what are its weaknesses?

This is probably the most obvious and important question to ask an attorney. It is what you want to know more than anything else, with the possible exception of Question 3. This is an opportunity to find out exactly what your attorney believes about the case.

Question 3: How much will it cost?

When deciding to open a contentious case, it is important to decide whether it makes economic sense to fight to the end, or limit the losses that you already suffered. In other words, if you have a $50,000 litigation, you need to know if it will cost you $5,000, $20,000 or $40,000 to resolve it.

In a contentious matter, attorneys might not be able to provide definite information on costs, except for the legal costs that are already established by law. But your attorney can still estimate the billing rate, as well as the duration of the procedure. This information will give you a pretty good idea and help you make an informed decision on how to proceed. If your attorney doesn`t seems willing to give you an estimate of time or budget, find someone else who can do it.

Question 4: How much experience do you have and how many cases like mine have you dealt with?

You need to feel confident that your attorney has the necessary skills and legal knowledge to effectively represent your cause. A litigation attorney should be able to make you feel their ability to work effectively on your care. Therefore, do not be shy to ask information about your attorney`s experience in the field in which your litigation will take place.


Is Divorce Mediation a Good Option? 5 Important Reasons Why It Works

Is divorce mediation a good option for us? This is one of the main questions that a lot of couples tend to ask. If you’re interested in learning more about divorce mediation and what it can do for you, following are five important reasons why you might want to consider it prior to filing for a divorce.

3d people mediator

  1. A Peaceful Resolution

Mediation has been around for a long time – more precisely, since the era of the Ancient Greeks. Its major advantage, when applied to a divorce, is that it offers a more peaceful resolution when compared to litigation and hiring a divorce attorney right off the bat. When you are willing to sit down and talk, you’ll find that an experienced mediator can help you, your spouse and your kids a lot more when it comes to establishing how resources will be distributed and how a win-win settlement can be reached.

  1. A Better Outcome for Your Kids

Instead of having your kids have to listen to you and your spouse argue in what can become somewhat of a never ending struggle – or worse, having them dragged through court – you can achieve a lot more through mediation without ruining their psyche. If you value your children’s emotional well-being, divorce mediation is the best approach to learning how to present the divorce to your kids and how to listen to their concerns and complaints with compassion, understanding and a willingness to help.

  1. A Cost-Effective Solution

Is divorce mediation a good option for your finances? You might think that paying a lawyer to get everything settled as quickly as possible might help you end your emotional strife sooner. However, that option comes with huge costs, and can leave you, your kids and your spouse emotionally scarred – especially if it leads to litigation. Denver divorce mediation is not only a more elegant option, but a more affordable one as well. The costs of even the friendliest attorney-assisted divorce can be between $20,000 and several hundred thousand dollars. In contrast, the cost of mediation will only be around $5,000 to $9,000.

  1. A Faster Resolution

You might think that a divorce attorney moves fast, and it’s true, some of the best divorce lawyers can help you reach a settlement in record time. However, mediation, by nature, is even faster. Instead of having to wait for months for the next court date, and live with heightened anxiety during that period, you can set your own time frame for the mediation process. This in turn will help you get everything sorted out without unnecessary stress or delays.

  1. Greater Flexibility

Did you know that there are options for ending your marriage you never even thought possible? Because divorce attorneys usually have the interest of settling the matter without getting too deeply involved into your life and relationship problems, they usually won’t be able to see those possibilities. However, with the help of a reliable and experienced mediator, you’ll be made aware of points that most lawyers will not be willing or able to make, due to strategic disadvantages. In many cases, however, knowing all the facets of the problem can help you make a more informed and better decision regarding the outcome of your divorce settlement.