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How To Hire A Real Estate Agent

If you do a Google search, you will undoubtedly find many of real estate agents in your city/ area. But how can you be sure which one to select? How do you know how to choose the one who will really work in your best interest?

Useful advice

  1. Meet real estate agents while they do fieldwork

A good real estate agent spends very little time in the office and a lot of time out, meeting with people who want to buy, sell or rent a property.


  • Make sure that the real estate agent has at least a few years experience and a consistent portfolio of clients that he/ she helped buying or selling their homes. You want to collaborate with an agent who is willing to take that extra step, to demonstrate a higher degree of involvement than most real estate agents, to always bear your interest in mind and to help you sell/ buy/rent at the best possible price.
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Search online for top rated agents in your area.

If a friend or relative has worked in the past with an agent and was satisfied with their collaboration, there is a high probability that the services of that agent will be advantageous for you as well.

2. Make sure you hire a real estate agent who in accustomed with the technology

Nowadays, having a laptop and a mobile phone with internet connection is vital. This way, a real estate agent can offer you the most suitable options for your needs, regardless of whether he is at the office or does fieldwork. In 2020, there is no reason why a professional in the real estate business would not be able to communicate using emails and various mobile applications, in order to make easy and quick contact with their clients.

3. Talk to more than one real estate agent

Although some agents seem to be ok, you should be aware that many will try to embellish reality, so be careful about those who try to present you things in a better light than they actually are, instead of exposing the details in realistic terms. Talk to different agents and compare their way of approaching things.

4. Observe the signs that denote that the real estate agent is popular, but not too busy

A hard working person, with many clients on their list is likely a good agent. However, an agent can work efficiently with about 5 buyers and 5 sellers at once, to be able to focus on each of them properly.

5. Make sure the agent is well acquainted with their field of activity.

Ask your agent any questions you need and expect no less than clear and complete answers

6. Do a little market research

A reputable real estate agent maintains working relations with other agents in his area and they collaborate in order to obtain a solution that is most advantageous for their clients.

7. Ask the agent to show you some testimonials of people who hired them over time

8. Ask the real estate agent you want to hire if they can recommend other specialists/ contractors (such asĀ  to help you with notary deeds, repairs to be done at home and other such things.