Denver office space

Best Ways to Keep Your Office Space Organized

Denver office space

Are you tired of not being able to anything among the hundreds of papers and accessories that dot your office? Of feeling that you no longer have room to put a post-it with an action that you have to do? Of not being able to answer the phone because the wire can hardly overcome the mountain of folders and, in the process of doing your best to put the receiver to your ear after all, you happen to spill the coffee?

If all these things bother you and you want to have a cleaner and better organized office, it is very possible that all the following tips will help you in this endeavor. Do not forget that keeping your Denver office space organized will have positive effects on your professional activity and you will also contribute better to the company’s productivity.

In order to have a well-organized office, you must first identify the sources of clutter. These are numerous and include:

  • The old papers with which you still do not know what to do: to archive them or throw them away. They usually sit on the shelves, take up a lot of space and gather dust. In order to prevent the situation from getting worse, at least once a month go through all of them and sort them out.
  • Too many things of the same type, which do the same thing, such as: diaries, notebooks, pens, product catalogs, etc. Likewise, regular sorting and storing only the important ones is the key.
  • Too many cables and jacks, chargers and USB’s, etc. Some of them are from devices that you may not even use for years, but you keep them because … “you never know”. A desk drawer for the really useful ones would be a great way to remove them from sight.
  • Lack of storage spaces to match your needs. In an office, one inevitably works with lots of papers constantly and simultaneously, which must be organized according to emergencies and age: unresolved papers, resolved papers that must be kept, papers that can be thrown away etc. A few new folders, and sticker labels will solve the problem of archiving.

How to keep your office well-organized

  1. Simple shelves

Shelves can be the cheapest solution for arranging the space above or around the office. The length and height of the shelves depends on how much space you have. This vertical organization solution is ideal for small spaces, but you will still have to keep it in order, because everything you expose on the shelves will be very visible.

  1. Closed cabinets

They are probably the best organizing solution.  You simply put behind closed doors everything you do not want to see or touch daily. A closed cabinet is the place for unwanted clumps of papers, ugly stuff and strange things that do not fit the desk, trophies and old collections etc.

  1. Clean, beautiful and tidy

Clean the office 10 minutes daily. They say that for every minute spent tidying up, an hour is earned.

Remember that what you keep in your office defines you and consequently contributes to the image of the company you work for. That is why everything should be as tidy and organized as possible, and a vase with fresh flowers can really cheer you up and those who visit you.